Jin Han Lee, Extended Realities, in collaboration with artsXR

17 Jul 2021–6 Nov 2021


Lee’s painting is a joyous and often humorous representation of her personal life experiences, with an aesthetic problem at its core. In the course of her recent research in the UK, Lee identified differences between Western and Korean concepts of time in abstract painting practices that she strives to reconcile. To challenge the known figure/ground relationship in painting, Lee seeks ‘to undermine both Renaissance perspective and the flatness of Modernism by combining both’. It is this interest in a clash of space and time that prompted Beaconsfield to introduce Jin Han Lee to artsXR, a collective of three artists who are at the forefront of research and practice in digital immersive technologies, where conventional space and time are turned upside down. 

In May 2021, Lee took up lockdown residence in Beaconsfield’s Upper Gallery space to make new paintings and–in the same time frame–explore the possibilities offered by drawing in immersive, three dimensional online environments. The works in the Upper gallery reflect this two-way influence.

B_T6 Jin Han Lee Extended Realities is the sixth in the series Beacon_Transitions: a lockdown experiment wherein a virtual portal is opened by Beaconsfield for artists to explore in conjunction with the physical site.   


Jin Han Lee

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