The Echo System (Gallery)

31 Jul 2021–15 Aug 2021


Group show featuring works by Natasha Bird, Lewis Davidson, Nathaniel Faulkner, Gabriela Giroletti and Milda Lembertaitė. Curated by Milda Batakyte.

The Echo System is a derivative of ‘echo chamber’ and ‘ecosystem’. An ‘echo chamber’ is a metaphor used to define a hermetic system of opinions and beliefs that are reinforced by repetition through different communication channels. In the ‘echo chamber’, people can lose their ability to recognise biased information, inhibiting their capacity to engage with the world in a non-biased way.

An ecosystem, in the broadest sense, is a system in which all living and non-living elements coexist in the most self-sustainable way. An ecosystem depends on a variety of external and internal factors. If subjected to periodic or long-term disturbances, it will be affected and suffer greatly or even irreparably.

The Echo System’s complex interrelations exist between living organisms and non-living elements. Metaphorically speaking, they are a constellation of things where individual elements act or appear anarchic and irrelevant to each other, yet together they inevitably form a whole. Whether it is a self-sustainable or entropic system depends on how these elements – including people – relate to each other.

Exhibition graphic design by Studio Pointer*.

Selected works

Installation views

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