London Gallery Weekend

13 May-15 May 2022


London Gallery Weekend is the world’s largest event of its kind and unique among global gallery weekend events in the breadth and diversity of its participating galleries. The event takes place over three days, each focusing on a different area of London. Free for all to attend, it provides an opportunity to discover and explore London’s world-class gallery scene, celebrating the city’s diverse cultural and creative communities. An extensive programme scheduled by galleries specially for the weekend includes talks, family workshops and special events, with extended opening hours.

See London Gallery Weekend's website for the full programme.

Central & West London galleries: 

Friday 13 May: 10am-8pm; Saturday 14 May: 11am-6pm, Sunday 15 May: 11am-5pm

South London galleries: 

Friday 13 May: 11am-6pm; Saturday 14 May: 10am-8pm; Sunday 15 May: 11am-5pm

East London galleries:

Friday 13 May: 11am-6pm; Saturday 14 May: 11am-6pm; Sunday 15 May: 10am-5pm


London Gallery Weekend | Press Release

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