Drawing Boundaries

14 Jul-13 Aug 2022
PV 14 Jul 2022, 4-8pm


This exhibition will bring together new work by artists Rebecca Griffiths, Emily Snell and Beth Luxton on the theme of boundaries. Boundaries create edges and mark a limit - they separate our inner and outer experience of the world and determine our bodies, objects and place in space.

The work in this exhibition will explore this theme in playful ways, asking: What happens when things spill out and refuse to be contained? What happens when boundaries break or edges dissolve? How do we hold things together, or break walls apart? Working between sculpture, ceramics, drawing, digital animation and installation, the artists in this exhibition explore boundaries through an engagement with the tactile, transformative and fluid nature of materials.

Rebecca Griffiths is a London based artist. Her work brings together aspects of the designed world alongside transformative ceramic processes. Industrial forms, miscellaneous tools and structures are designed and built in clay before becoming subject to emotive action, instability and flux.

Emily Snell is a Bristol based artist. Her work explores the boundaries between her body and her art, she is seeking the place at which one ends and the other begins. In her sculptural and tactile works, she uses materials such as silicone evoking the body, skin and touch. As a trained art psychotherapist, part of her process involves channelling emotions freely through the materials, the resulting installations engaging viewers in powerful and evocative ways.

Beth Luxton is a Bristol based artist. Her work combines painting and animation, exploring the boundaries between the digital and the physical world. She is interested in tactile materials, and notions of familiarity. Her intention is to create work that evokes emotion and combines the need for touch with the comfort of distance.


Drawing Boundaries | Press Release

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