Extrusive Thoughts

25 Apr-21 May 2022
PV 28 Apr 2022, 4-8pm


In geological terms, igneous rock is described as intrusive when formed if magma remains inside the earth’s crust to slowly harden, and extrusive if resulting from lava erupting onto the earth’s surface to solidify quickly. 

In the 1960’s, an inhabitant of Herculaneum deceased in the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, was discovered buried under volcanic ash, their cranial cavity containing a glassy black material, the result of their brain having vitrified under immense heat.

In the initial stages of mummification, when organs were removed from the body to prevent decay, ancient Egyptians inserted specially hooked metal instruments up through the nostrils to pull out bits of brain tissue, leaving the skull hollow.


‘Extrusive Thoughts’ is an exhibition which concludes a period of discursive conversation between three artists where ideas and approaches were shared to stake out common ground between their practices. What emerged from this communal attempt to share and unravel their mental processes is a series of works in clay, stone, metal and photographic imagery. These materials have been forced, warped, stretched, elongated, pulled, profiled and projected into objects/artworks that test the elastic potential between ideas and their reality. 

The artists in the show are Nathan Anthony, Jack Handscombe and Ian Jackson.


Extrusive Thoughts | Press Release

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