Unpacking Gainsborough | Gainsborough Hotel

11 Oct 2021–31 Jan 2022


The art historian Michael Rosenthal described Thomas Gainsborough as "one of the  most technically proficient and, at the same time, most experimental artists of his time" – and this same aesthetic inspired our curators during their work on Unpacking Gainsborough, located in the newly reopened Gainsborough Hotel (7-11 Queensberry Place, SW7 2DL , London, UK). Exquisite mastery of technique and medium along with reference to the art of the past are the founding values of the Young Masters platform, while Cynthia Valianti Corbett has always championed experimentation in both emerging and established artists represented by her eponymous Gallery. The exhibition at Gainsborough Hotel will be on show until end of December 2021. The following Gallery artists will be presented within this phygital curation: Deborah Azzopardi, Lluís Barba, Andy Burgess, Anne-Françoise Couloumy, Fabiano Parisi and Tuëma Pattie. Young Masters and Guest artists will include Alastair Gordon, Dina Bukva, Lottie Davies and Yuki Aruga. 

It is fascinating to see how Gainsborough Hotel’s lobby is transformed into a pop-up space where the most fascinating artistic dialogues are happening! The empty Rococo villas of Fabiano Parisi are mirrored by the snow-clad abandoned British country home of Lottie Davies and the Hammershøi-lit lonely rooms of Anne-Françoise Couloumy – providing the viewer with a quiet contemplative moment amidst one very busy hotel lobby. Yuki Aruga’s lavish flowers and Alastair Gordon’s paper darts look at different aspects of quodlibet and Tuëma Pattie’s realistic and more abstract landscapes invite the viewer on a journey through the artist’s prolific career,” – says Cynthia Valianti Corbett, the Gallerist. 

Many of the artists have had serious recognition by private and public collections including the V&A, the Crafts Council, Google, Microsoft, Zara, Design Museum Trustee Davina Mallinckrodt and James and Maylis Grand. 


Unpacking Gainsborough | PRESS RELEASE

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