24 Sep-16 Oct 2021
PV 23 Sep 2021, 5-8pm


Nicky Hodge’s current work occupies a completely abstract territory.

Her muted and mainly monochromatic paintings rely on touch and are indicative of a practice that has developed counter to the more extravagant narrative of expressionism.

Her principal medium is acrylic on unprimed canvas, worked directly and spontaneously without reference to anything specific in the real world.

Some of the paintings that emerge from the process are saturated in watery acrylic, poured on and then rubbed away to further expose the surface. Other works are more layered, using subtle colour and sweeps of minimal gestural marks.

Some paintings incorporate materials recycled from her own discarded paintings. The surfaces of these collage works are quiet and spare, relying on the subtle texture created by different materials such as filler, spray, ink or a heavier weight canvas.

As no two works are particularly similar, difference can often become a defining factor: works sit together in contrasting pairs or small groups of varying size.

Steeped in an allusive and unsystematic approach, the works draw upon memory and experience, sitting somewhere between joyful playfulness and minimalist restraint.

Nicky Hodge lives and works in London. She has exhibited her paintings, drawings and multimedia works widely over the past 25 years. In 2020 her work was featured in New Doggerland Thameside Gallery London, and Fuzzy Objects San Mei Gallery London.

Recent shows include 25 Years, an online exhibition curated by Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London, Binary at Shift in Cardiff and Studio Confetti at Terrace Gallery London. Bobinska Brownlee New River is delighted to present new works in a solo exhibition at the gallery.

Installation views


Nicky Hodge

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