Hydracity - Towards Watery Commons

10 Sep 2021–26 Sep 2021
PV 9 Sep 2021, 6-9pm


Curated by InspiralLondon.

Hydracity asks us to observe and imagine London and its hinterland in new ways, by inviting artists to re-experience this fluid, shifting and untameable environment. What is it that circulates beneath our feet oozing from the muddy delta of the Thames as we explore the interconnected labyrinth of watery commons intersecting urban spaces, that flow across, through and into us?

Hydracity re-imagines the city’s river system as slowly evolving tentacled organism, much like a hydra’s looping locomotion. By observing water - its capacity to merge fluidity and solidity - we can see it as a regenerative resource and even a metaphor for shifting times. This ever-changing environment of the aqueous commons reflects something of the hydra-like city, whose ability to rejuvenate offers overlapping narratives for this complex watery labyrinth. For the exhibition at Thames-Side Studios Gallery InspiralLondon creates a unique sculptural labyrinth map that interacts with other activities, archives, experiences and with potential walks across the city.

Exhibiting artists:
Will Brook, Ben Coode-Adams, Richard Couzins, John Churchill, Sarah Doyle, Gail Dickerson, Charlie Fox, Mikey Georgeson, Rachel Gomme, Kadeem Graham, Calum F Kerr, Miyuki Kasahara, Milda Lembertaite, Morris & Mollett, Clare Qualmann, Anne Robinson, Alke Schmidt, Sarah Sparkes, Fiona Spirals, Ian Thompson.

Participating artist collectives, community groups and other organisations:
Art of the Magic Lantern; Blackwater Polytechnic; Bow Gamelan Ensemble; counterproductions; Clockhouse Community; East End Jam; Everyone Welcome Collective; HAAG; Hotel du Nord; le Collectif des Gammares; Kinetika: London Geodiversity Partnership; Metropolitan Trails; Platform; soundcamp.

Hydracity - Towards Watery Commons is part of a larger InspiralLondon project to explore and map the hidden, lost or undervalued watery commons of London and the Thames Valley Delta. Inspirallondon’s unique Hydrodetours Walks Programme runs from 30 August-26 September 2021.

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