Two and a Half Dimensions curated by Marcus Harvey

21 Sep 2011–29 Oct 2011


‘Two and a half dimensions’ is a phrase Harvey employs to describe the ‘gateway’ from wall based painting to sculpture and the exhibition brings together paintings whose preoccupation is with three dimensionality in its most direct sense and floor-based sculpture that reflects the painterly and imagistic. The exhibition will feature a range of artists from Sir Anthony Caro and Harry Thubron to recent graduates which reflects Harvey’s preferred model of looking at a subject by using a cross generational mix of established and emerging practitioners. Further artists include Adam Walker, Richard Clegg, Harry Thubron, Ian Dawson,Anthony Caro, Hew Locke, Edward Lipski, Martin Westwood, Sophie Newell, Jeremy Butler, Tina Jenkins, Corin Johnson and Marcus Harvey. A Talking Art event is also being organised to coincide with the exhibition and will take place on the 10th October at 6.30pm.

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