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Click to enlargeA FINE DAY FOR SEEING
Jul 28 - Aug 29, 2021
Private view Sun Jul 25 2pm - 5pm
A Fine Day for Seeing’ takes its title from the New York School poet and curator Frank O’Hara, who bridged literary and artistic worlds in the late 50s. In this spirit of collaboration between word and image, the exhibition at Southwark Park Galleries presents ten pairs of internationally acclaimed poets and artists who have been invited to work in dialogue with each other. Each artist is represented by a single piece, and the accompanying poems will be available through performances, discussions, recordings and a publication. Some of the participating poets will also be offering writing workshops hosted by the Poetry School. The show is curated by Tamar Yoseloff, a poet with a strong engagement with visual art, and Paul Carey-Kent, an art writer with a long-standing interest in poetry.
Poet // Artist
Khairani Barokka // Michelle Williams Gamaker
Leo Boix // Jessica Sarah Rinland
Annie Freud // May Cornet
Martha Kapos //Mali Morris
Roy McFarlane // Hew Locke
Maitreybandhu // Basil Beattie
Julian Stannard // Juliette Marhieux Bartoli
Harriet Tarlo // Judith Tucker
Jane Yeh // Virginia Verran
Tamar Yoseloff // Alison Gill
A Fine Day for Seeing has been made possible with thanks to the generous support of Arts Council England

Jul 28 - Sep 19, 2021
Private view Sun Jul 25 2pm - 5pm
For her epic new installation created for Dilston Gallery’s vast concrete hall, London-based Irish contemporary artist Anne Ryan captures the sprawling dynamism of the city and its communities. Through her vibrant ceramic and cement sculptures, paintings and three-dimensional cutouts, Ryan's observations, speculations and dreams of the city collide. Anne Ryan, The City Rises opens at Dilston Gallery, Southwark Park Galleries, on 28 July and runs until 19 September.
Part of Ryan’s starting point for her work comes from the slow city walks she takes around London, which she describes as saunters (from the French sans terre, meaning ‘without land’), and says: “Walking allows the city to open up with possibilities - dreamscapes, fictional spaces, historical sites. A saunter is different from a commute or a journey with purpose, far more playful and open-ended.”
In her cutouts and sculptures, Ryan recreates fragments of the city assembled from these walks - the chance encounters and absurd juxtapositions create riotously amplified and interwoven daily narratives. Figures and characters such as dog walkers, boxers, musicians, and horses transport viewers into noisy scenes of London life. Stories and scenarios, imagined and remembered, are constructed via glimpses through backlit windows or encounters on deserted pathways. These saunters are also as much a journey through culture and the mental space an artist inhabits when making work - ‘a dream world while walking’ as Ryan calls it. These combine with situations observed in motion, becoming juxtaposed with the fleeting hustle, energy, debris and bodies which inhabits these streets.
The exhibition is generously supported by The Paul and Louise Cooke Endowment, Southwark Council and Arts Council England.


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