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Nov 7 - 22, 2020
Nick Rawcliffe’s first London solo gallery show is a collection of sculptural lighting, installations and experimental furniture. The work explores contrasting boundaries and questions the brain’s interpretation of black and white, light and dark.
Over the past decade Nick has explored optical illusion, science and astronomy in his work (even giving weight to the beliefs of the Flat Earth Society!), creating light sculptures that question the boundaries fabricated between art and product design. His work lives in the grey edges, experimenting with the manipulation of light, exploring textures.
As we live and work in a period of enormous upheaval during a global pandemic, Nick asks, “If I am to continue working against the grain and doing things that others don’t, why not have a gallery show under the threat of a second lockdown? I think we all have to look for opportunities to create in and for our restructured world”.
Bookable hour-long appointments are available via to interact with the installation pieces see the work and collections, meet the artist and handle samples.
This show includes previously unseen work.

May 17 - Jun 27, 2021 FINAL WEEK
An array of materials and layers are condensed in Connie Harrison's paintings. Through surfaces and their variations, compositions emerge slowly through a process of layering and the stripping away of wax and oil paint. Harrison presents a painting with the basic tangibility of a sculpture or a sculpture with the graphic vigour of a painting. She is interested in how a work can sit simultaneously between abstraction and figuration.
Connie Harrison (b.1993) graduated from Chelsea College of Arts in 2016. Recent exhibitions include The Invitational at Unit 1 Gallery, Open Call with Delphian Gallery, Small is Beautiful at Flowers Gallery and British Painting II at Bermondsey Project Space.

Jun 19 - Jul 4, 2021
Phillip Allen, Phyllida Barlow, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Paul Cole, Giles Corby, Andrew Ekins, Nick Fox, Nicky Hirst, Sand Laurenson, Hannah Maybank, Jane Millar, Katie Pratt, Piers Secunda, Kate Street, Jamie Partridge and Narbi Price.
Everything has its beauty (1.)
Pretty Ugly brings together the work of sixteen artists, all of whom explore a fugitive beauty within “a degraded sense of reality"(2.)
Each sees value in the imperfect and the irregular, the pull of the sublime and the illicit. Theirs is an aesthetic that gains potency by being elusive, abject, and impolite, while testing the capacity of what has been made to represent the content it is intended to have. The resulting forms manifest a flawed but compelling beauty, and are distinguished by a delight in a logic of brokenness: surfaces that have a corrupted ornamentation and an abused touch of the brush.
These artists make delinquent un-palettable paintings, ceramics that relish the quiddities and quirks of form, and sculpture that emphasises the substance and materiality of thingness. The work of each employs an expanded creative language, exploring a narrative of otherness in pursuit of the lure of a tainted kind of love, a fatal attraction.
Andrew Ekins, March 2021
(1. Confucious, 2. Bruno Schultz, Street of Crocodiles)


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