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Letchworth Garden City Easy access from A1(M)

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Sep 21 - Dec 1, 2019
A new photography competition and exhibition, open to residents of Letchworth and the surrounding area.

Feb 28 - Apr 26, 2020
Broadway Studio and Gallery are delighted to present Bit Rot, a solo exhibition by artist, curator and writer Bob Bicknell-Knight.
Working in a number of mediums, Bicknell-Knight’s work responds to the hyper consumerism of the internet, exploring ideas of surveillance capitalism, utopian and dystopian ideologies and the digitisation of the self.
Bit Rot, also known as bit decay, data rot and data decay, is the slow deterioration in the performance and integrity of data stored on storage media. The process occurs overs many years, due to imperfect insulation on flash drives, floppy disks losing their magnetic orientation and by storing CDs and DVDs in warm, humid environments, causing them to physically and visually rot.

Feb 28 - Apr 26, 2020
Taking inspiration from H.G. Wells’ ‘The Time Machine’, Ballard’s ‘Drowned World’ and Jarman’s ‘The Last of England’, A Garden Futuricity by artist John Vincent is a fictional construction of a future world ravaged by war and climate change. Set in Letchworth Garden City, the work poses the question: what if the global issues frequently reported finally reached this quiet town?
The exhibition takes the form of two distinct works – a large scale wall-based digital print and a video work. The site-specific print depicts an imagined view looking out from the gallery space through a hole blown from the wall. The wall is a barrier breached to reveal a surrealistic dystopian vision of catastrophic proportions - a parallel universe of a world flooded and in ruins with many familiar buildings damaged or destroyed altogether.

Click to enlargeRORY MENAGE : FOREST
Feb 28 - Apr 26, 2020
"The word 'forest' inevitably denotes a romantic escape away from urbanity with its grime, fumes and noise. With these sculptures I am trying to make a clear connection between the tissue and structure of our bodies with that of trees. It’s really exciting for me to show these new works in Letchworth Garden City, with this town’s history so steeped in a human quest for civility in the countryside." Rory Menage

Feb 28 - Apr 26, 2020
Taking its title from a line in a book on Victorian Utopias, 'This Muddy Eden' brings together two ostensibly figurative artists, Hannah Brown and Christopher Orr, who both draw from and play with conventions of art history. To the casual eye, both artist’s work could appear wholly conventional, dark figurative landscapes that wouldn’t look out of place hung next to a John Constable or J.M.W. Turner. Viewers that invest a little more time, however, will find something more perplexing and unusual in the works.


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