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Nov 14, 2020 - May 9, 2021 FINAL WEEK
Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings’ first solo institutional exhibition In My Room brings together film, fresco painting and works on paper. As a new body of work, In My Room develops the artists’ inquiry into the politics, histories and aesthetics of queer spaces and culture. This inquiry builds on their travels across the UK whilst making ‘UK Gay Bar Directory (UKGBD)’ 2016, a moving image archive of gay bars, responding to the systematic closure of LGBTQ+ dedicated social spaces. To Quinlan and Hastings, it became apparent through this research that the gay scene caters predominantly to white gay men. This prompted them to consider how this scene strengthens the historic male access to capital and power within the urban landscape.

Nov 14, 2020 - May 9, 2021 FINAL WEEK
MOSTYN Open 21 ‘Audience Award’ winner Nick Hornby’s first UK solo exhibition comprises a new series of sculptures.
Hornby brings high-tech processes to figuration, pulling historical, material forms into the era of screen culture. His works defy conventional distinctions of form and media and exhibit instead what Hornby terms ‘meta-cubism.’ In this pluralistic approach to perception neither image nor form takes centre stage. The sculptures are produced using digital and industrial processes, but retain the artist’s touch through their final process whereby a liquified image is applied to each work.
Gender and sexual identity are explored by the artist in this new series for the first time. Whilst Hornby’s work has previously resisted autobiographical connotations here he explores a sense of personal intimacy or ‘confessions.’
For all the connections between the form of his sculptures and their subject, Hornby’s work is also playfully evasive. This amplifies their fluidity while ideas of autobiography are complicated by collaboration. Nine of these new sculptures were made with the photographer Louie Banks, celebrated for his photographs of transgender models and drag queens. From a distance, the high gloss finish of the works – morphing portrait busts and ‘mantelpiece dogs’ – have a compelling tactility. The flickering between and blurring of identities within Hornby’s sculptural works serves to bring another dimension to the genre of portraiture, shifting from sculpture to photography and back again, all the while seductive and elusive.

Nov 14, 2020 - May 9, 2021 FINAL WEEK
MOSTYN Open 21 'Exhibition Award' winner Richard Wathen’s solo exhibition comprises a new series of paintings.
Rooted in the historical canon of painting, Wathen’s work focuses largely on portraiture, depicting figures in states of hesitation and contemplation: listening at walls, pretending to sleep, moon bathing, or engaging in other apparent states of uncertainty. Wathen’s works depict the tumultuous and complex array of human emotions, from anxiety and sorrow to despair, brought on by the socio-economic pressures of contemporary living. The intensity created through the use of small details is powerful and emotional as an expressive gesture. His works subvert the genre of figurative painting through a bold play between figuration and abstraction, between the solid density of the matt surface and the fragility of the figures represented.
The subjects depicted often derive from a collision of image, thought, sound and memory, which over time, come together in an intuitive way. Following the cubist concept of a multitude of viewpoints in time, each figure remains in a state of constant flux, beyond the here-and-now. Their age, gender and gestures are left ambiguous, open to an irreversible position of hesitation and insecurity. By refusing to be fixed in time and place, Wathen’s work offers an investigation into the human condition in an age where an image is considered a proxy for a sentient being.

May 22 - Aug 29, 2021
MOSTYN is thrilled to present the first UK institutional solo exhibition by Tarek Lakhrissi.
This new commission consists of existing and new work, and comprises film, sculpture, text and performance – creating a multi-dimensional installation across the gallery spaces. Rooted in poetry, Lakhrissi’s practice seeks to challenge contemporary constructs of language and narratives around minoritised communities.
The exhibition takes the poem ‘Paradise Lost’, by 17th-century English poet John Milton, as a starting point to reflect upon the notion of ‘community’. In light of the disintegration of social cohesion brought on by current crises, from the Covid-19 pandemic to the growth of far-right populism, this new body of work reflects on what constitutes a community, particularly a queer community. It considers the notion of community as a complex entity: one that offers both the possibilities of love, empowerment and protection but also nightmares, traumas and fears. Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ is the anchor around which such tensions are played out – the possibility of a community that offers paradisiacal solace and yet, through its fragilities, can be easily lost.
The central installation becomes a battleground, a metaphor for notions of defence and of self-defence to help queer communities of colour fight back against today’s societal violence and, in so doing, becomes a symbol of love and transformative narratives.

May 22 - Aug 29, 2021
MOSTYN is thrilled to present In Words, In Action, In Connection, a display of publications and printed materials that explores historical and contemporary intersectional feminist activism in Wales.
Brought together by artists Minna Haukka and Kristin Luke, whose collaborative practice stems from their ongoing project, the Mobile Feminist Library, a travelling collection of printed materials that responds to its locality, this display will take the form of an experimental reading room. Haukka and Luke will collaborate with artists, activists, collectives and publishers to develop a collection which is relevant to Wales and contains both historical and contemporary publications and printed materials sourced from Wales-based archives as well as the London-based Feminist Library.
In Words, In Action, In Connection will consider different activist movements at the intersection of class, disability, ecology, gender, language, neurodivergence, race and sexuality, taking these as inherent considerations of any feminism. The materials will be locally relevant to Wales, whilst acknowledging that these movements extend beyond geographical borders. The display will examine ways in which publishing and printed materials intersect with and strengthen activist movements, and will use counter-patriarchal methods of archiving and knowledge sharing. The space will act not only as a library, but as a place for gathering and communal learning.


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