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Oct 17, 2020 - May 8, 2021
Installation artist and sculptor Susie MacMurray presents 'Murmur' - a compelling body of work comprising tactile and thought-provoking sculptures, an ambitious new installation, intricate drawings, striking bronze works and silver jewellery. Known for her unique fusing of materials, MacMurray's show promises to be unforgettable.

Oct 17, 2020 - Aug 14, 2021
Almuth Tebbenhoff presents an exciting new ceramic installation that explores feelings of darkness and hope during the pandemic.
‘Who Will Buy my Dark Dark World’, consists of a group of sculptures that she started making during the autumn of 2019, as the world was heading towards the pandemic.
The pieces veer between bleakness and hope, greedy for life, anticipating eventual death. The rusty steel boxes in Inferno have been landscaped and populated with groups of little hollowed out clay cubes, contrasting with the fresh green patch of paint foreseeing hope and change.
Tebbenhoff explores the idea of emptiness, whether as loss of life or just being lost in space and wondering how to find one’s way home. Dwellings is a formation of clay boxes with open sides that aren’t real boxes, rather just suggestions of them. Whether aiming to protect like an open cage with no constraints, or just defining an invisible volume – they are both precious and strong.

Mar 31 - Aug 14, 2021
Inspired by an interview with Terence Coventry exactly 10 years ago, this exhibition explores sculptures and works on paper whose vital images convey both great power and tenderness. Coventry’s work is charged with energy and life, capturing the essence of an animal or human figure – whether on the move or in quiet contemplation.
After studying at Stourbridge School of Art and then at the Royal College of Art, Terence Coventry was posted to North Devon on National Service. It was following his discharge from the army that he decided to put his artistic pursuits to one side, setting up home, and farm, on the Cornish coast. For the following thirty years Terence Coventry’s natural talent as an artist lay dormant while he worked the land and watched the animals that surrounded him.
Year after year the shapes and forms of his environment embedded themselves deep in his psyche. Living and working in an isolated environment, he could fully absorb the textures, sounds, rhythms, movements and vibrance of the natural world with no distractions. He developed an acute awareness of animal behaviour, and continuously stored images of them in their natural habitat – from gulls gliding down on the thermals, to the bulls in the surrounding fields bursting with energy and power.


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