Gabriel Orozco: Diario de Plantas

12 Oct-12 Nov 2022


White Cube is pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by Gabriel Orozco at Mason's Yard, London in October 2022.

Including tempera on wood paintings, drawings and watercolours which all evolve from procedures of imprinting, 'Diario de Plantas' (Diary of Plants) forms a vivid atlas of nature and of the indigenous plants around Acapulco, Mexico City and Tokyo, cities where the artist lives and works.

Begun during the Covid pandemic, 'Diario de Plantas' showcases a key recurring theme within Orozco's oeuvre: that of the fragility of our ecosystem. Created daily and employing local materials and a few basic rules, this new series offers poetic renewal through the habitual and the everyday, to focus on a deep connection to place and on the fundamental complexities of the natural world.

Often describing his work as 'organic', and welcoming the notion of growth within series, Orozco has said that he begins from a place of not knowing. In this series, he continues to explore the relationship of geometric and organic form through potentially infinite permutations of source material and image, offering in the process, the metaphorical suggestion of stability and chaos, decay and rebirth held in perpetual tension.

An encyclopaedic vision of plant matter, 'Diario de Plantas' deals equally with the spontaneous gesture and elusive image, whereby absence, loss and the marking of time are present through the serial, constantly evolving beauty of exquisite natural form.

This is the artist's first exhibition in London for over 5 years. One of the most important artists of his generation, Orozco has had solo exhibitions at many major international museums. He is currently the artistic director of the ongoing Chapultepec Park regeneration project in Mexico City and in 2016 designed the South London Gallery Garden.


Gabriel Orozco

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