Secondhand Daylight

16 Jul-31 Jul 2022
PV 15 Jul 2022, 6-9pm


David Auborn, Lydia Boehm, Beatrice Lettice Boyle, Ben Edmunds, Deme Georgiou, Rae Hicks, Vanya Horvath, Christopher Mayer, Luke Noel, Victor Seaward, Sara Sigurðardóttir and Grace Woodcock.

Secondhand Daylight takes its name from the 1979 album by Magazine, throughout which the theme of being at a constant and awkward remove from the living moment is reiterated.

As such, the exhibition deals in perspectives which have themselves incubated in distance, albeit consciously so. The works involved are deliberations on hysteria, naivety, errant growth, mediated reality, incomprehension and degraded memory.

Back to nature
The voyeur will realize
This is not a sight for his sore eyes
Back to nature
Getting back at you
I couldn't act naturally if I wanted to

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