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Clover Stroud & Kate Spicer: Elevation of Death and Grief by Magical Thinking

19 May 2022 6-8pm


Clover Stroud (The Red of My Blood) and Kate Spicer (Lost Dog: A Love Story), are both Sunday Times bestselling writers. In this talk they discuss magical thinking and how this can elevate grief into something majestic and hopeful. The two writers explore the use of magic, myth and the miraculous to reconnect with the inner self. Touching upon their own personal stories about loss, the conversation aims to examine magical thinking, either provided by myth, legend, religious belief systems, or of your own imaginary accord as an approach to find a path through the tangled forest of grief. 

This talk accompanies Once Upon a Time...  a group exhibition exploring folklore, myths and fairytales. 

All profits from ticket sales will go to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

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