Conversations on Tomorrow

11 May-18 Jun 2022
PV 11 May 2022, 6-8pm


A group of leading Indian galleries come together for the first time for a collaborative exhibition in London: Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai; Experimenter, Kolkata; Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai; Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi

For the first time, four of India's most prominent galleries - Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai; Experimenter, Kolkata; Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai; Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi - will come together during London Gallery Weekend for a collaborative exhibition, Conversations on Tomorrow, hosted by Sadie Coles HQ. As galleries increasingly move towards partnerships and international dialogue, the exhibition arose from early meetings of the International Galleries Alliance. 

Driven by a desire for meaningful and sustained collaboration, the galleries - each based in one of India's major cities - will present a nuanced picture of art from South Asia and its diaspora. Co-curated, the exhibition brings together nine leading artists, including, Atul Dodiya, Mrinalini Mukherjee, Mithu Sen and Prabhakar Pachpute. Encompassing multiple mediums, the unique exhibition presents a diverse body of works that speak to the ever-dynamic concept of global South Asia and all its complexity. 

Amrita Jhaveri, Co-Founder of Jhaveri Contemporary, said: 

"Conceptualising this exhibition has brought us closer together as galleries working in different cities across India. During periods of intense isolation this has been a wonderful gift" 

Prateek Raja, Co-Founder of Experimenter, said: 

"London Gallery Weekend synergises galleries across the city with their programming and for us this was an opportune moment to celebrate this unique project that speaks to the power of conversation, camaraderie, genuine collaboration and of course Sadie's generosity in hosting all of us." 

Roshini Vadehra, Director of Vadehra Art Gallery, said: 

"It is exciting to have the opportunity to exhibit in London at the ever inspiring Sadie Coles HQ space, in collaboration with colleagues from India. This project brings together some great synergies amongst gallerist peers, as well as artists from South Asia. We look forward to presenting an excellent exhibition of artists across generations exploring topical issues through various mediums and visuals." 

Shireen Gandhy, Director of Chemould Prescott Road, said: 

"One of the great learnings from the time we have lived through is inclusiveness. What Sadie Coles has offered 4 Indian galleries through this collaboration is an unprecedented act of generosity. We would not only wholeheartedly reciprocate this, but this has in turn also opened itself to a chain of possible collaborations!" 

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Conversations on Tomorrow | Press Release

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