Maximilian Siegenbruk: Polylactide

17 Jun-23 Jul 2022
PV 17 Jun 2022, 6-9pm


The work Idylle Dekonstruktion - on which Siegenbruk's upcoming show Polylactide forms part of - is a constantly growing, expanding work and should be understood as an examination of the consumption of nature by humans. The use of reflective, fluorescent colours, materials such as imitation leather, car and spray paints, declares nature to be a consumer good here. In a further step, the artist translates the work into three dimensions in virtual space - by wearing virtual reality glasses. Thanks to 3D printing, the resulting works can then be placed from the virtual to the real space and made accessible in both realities. The use of the print material PLA (polyester) is strongly reminiscent of industrially manufactured products. Each new motif is a unique rendition of the last repeated work, whereby the focus, form, material and statement are constantly changing. Through the repeated projection of what is painted, the work dissolves into an abstraction, loses its natural shape and ends in a geometric structure. All segments that have existed to date function as building blocks in the overall construct and at the same time stand individually as a single work. Idylle Dekonstruktion can be reduced to a minimum area of 10 x 10 x 8 cm or expanded to a maximum area of around 250 m2. The work also addresses the spread of nature, which in this case grows and spreads through the artist. 

Maximilian Siegenbruk (b. 1990, Leipzig, Germany) lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. He graduated from the celebrated Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 2019. Recent solo exhibitions include: Polylactide, Peter von Kant, London (2022); Before Paradise, Rundgaenger, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (2021); Idylle/Malerei, KunstraumHolzmann, Kirchheimbolanden, Germany (2019). Recent group exhibitions include: DIE GROSSE, Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf (2022); Heartbreak, K21, Düsseldorf (2022); art Karlsruhe, Galerie Monica Ruppert, Karlsruhe (2022); Project Mayhem, ES365, Düsseldorf (2022); Blossom Pink, K29, Düsseldorf (2022); Planet Mother, Artscape, Luxemburg (2021); Neue Positionen, Galerie Monica Ruppert, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (2021); Revierkunst, LWL-Industriemuseum, Hattingen, Germany (2021); Drive- inAusstellung, Emschertal-Museum/ Kulturzentrum Herne, Herne, Germany (2021); WHAT ISNT NATURE, K29, Düsseldorf (2020); Indian Summer, ARTISTELLAR, online exhibition (2020); House of Togetherness, Harlesden High Street Gallery, London (2020); In order of appearance, K21, Düsseldorf; Heartbreak, K21, Düsseldorf (2019); Rewild, Artscapeluxembourg, Luxemburg (2019); Open Field Test, K29, Düsseldorf (2019); 0+255Bonn, Künstlerforum, Bonn, Germany (2019); DIE GROSSE, Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf (2019); Paradise Lost, Kultur Bahnhof Eller, Düsseldorf Eller, Germany (2019); Golden Leaves and Paint, K29, Düsseldorf (2018); FBZ- Kunstpreis, Germany (2018); Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany (2018); Pass auf Anzinger, d|d contemporary art gallery, Düsseldorf (2017); KooLab29, K29, Düsseldorf (2017); Ausstellung, Capitol Theater, Düsseldorf (2017). Artist in Residence: Hotspot KW, Kulturbuero Nr.5, Königswinter (2022). 


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