22 Jan 2022–26 Feb 2022


paper. is a group show designed to introduce a large number of talented artists to new and existing collectors, visitors to the gallery, and online followers. The thirty-something invited artists hail from all over the world and include both gallery artists and a number of fresh talent. The selected artists were purposefully given vague criteria in order to free them from the constraints of a single overriding theme, and instead, focus on concerns directly relating to their practice. The resulting pieces include a multitude of styles, and media, including less conventional techniques like collage, silkscreen, and monotype. These unique works typically range between £2,000-5,000, with a few artists presenting monumental works up to £10,000, and others presenting bargains for under £1,000. The main objective was to present a range of affordable works to the seasoned collector, but also to more casual collectors, keeping in mind that works on paper typically run 1/3 cheaper than a similarly sized work on canvas. We are thrilled to present such a talented group of new and familiar names…we are confident that there is a piece for every taste, desire, and budget.

Selected works

Installation views


paper. press release

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