Silvia Lerin: Full-Time Labyrinth

29 Oct 2021–5 Dec 2021
PV 28 Oct 2021, 6-9pm


An installation, Full Time Labyrinth explores the physical and mental experience of working full-time in an Engineering Department located in a lower basement of a busy hotel in London.

The displayed pieces, the Labyrinth and the Sun, show different aspects of the visual scenario of her working space whilst also looking at the mental process Silvia was experiencing in relation with her time for creation as an artist.

The juxtaposition of varying materials offers a diversity of textures that enriches the pieces through impressions of shadows, folds and creases. With this physical engagement Lerin investigates the expressive possibilities of the material to create works that suggest objects, places or emotions that she has experienced. Its unhurried observation triggers a reconnaissance of the object, the place or the emotion that inspired it via new paths of the imagination.


Silvia Lerin

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