Florence Peake: Sequel

17 Nov 2021–20 Nov 2021
PV 17 Nov 2021, 6-8pm


In view of Florence PEAKE’s performance at The National Gallery, Richard Saltoun Gallery showcases 'Sequel', a temporary exhibition between 17-20 November. This show presents a sequel of bodies of work that inter-relate to each other through the mediums of clay, paint, plaster, somatic practice and performance.

Each work in the show is in direct relation to performances and actions from a performative gesture, made during a performance or from documentation of performances. They are resulting effects or repercussions that take a new life. The paintings extend the narrative of previous iterations. Some are proposals for performance and offer a sequence of iterations.

At 7pm Priyesh Mistry, Curator of Modern & Contemporary Projects at The National Gallery, will be in conversation with Florence Peake.


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Florence Peake

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