millimetre02: A quiet settling on earth

19 Nov 2021–11 Dec 2021
PV 18 Nov 2021, 6-9pm


With work by Robbie Fife, Renata Hegyi, Kathleen Herbert, Jacqueline Utley and Alan Shipway.

A millimetre02 project gathered by the artist Kate Scrivener.

The shows musing began considering a quietness that can surround the natural world. The magical spectacle of snow blanketing the earth and, in its purity, amplifying our senses, to sound, temperature and light. 

The show will display works on paper that in its whiteness allows for documents of our sometimes delicate senses and lead to ‘A quiet settling on earth’. 

‘White is an overabundance of light- stare at it too long and you will go blind. With that excess of light comes an excess of colour. When all colour comes together in perfect harmony, they aspire to whiteness......’ 

Hiroshi Sugimoto. 

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