Peppi Bottrop: Jungle Rapture

23 Nov 2021–8 Jan 2022


Pilar Corrias is pleased to present Jungle Rapture, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Peppi Bottrop at Pilar Corrias Eastcastle Street.

The paintings presented in Jungle Rapture, Bottrop’s first exhibition at Pilar Corrias, demarcate vigorous mindscapes triggered by new physical territory. After stints in Düsseldorf and Hamburg, where he studied with Albert Oehlen and Jutta Koether, the artist spent time in Los Angeles and Mexico City. He then lived and worked in Cologne before recently relocating to rural Sicily.

In the show, the artist's compositions are permeated by unusual amounts of metallic surfaces and brushstrokes—results of the painter’s lush use of powdered aluminium. His rusty red grids are blanketed by their glossy opposite: expanses of shiny silver, organic in shape and alive with reflections, as if to counter the old dichotomies of nature and culture, man, and machine.


Peppi Bottrop

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