Lubna Chowdhary

10 Sep 2021–20 Nov 2021


Chowdhary's ceramic works subvert the traditional context and utility of the medium to address a longstanding preoccupation with urban and material culture. Her practice has evolved from a sustained fascination with the fusion of binary cultural and artistic influences.

The three wooden sculptures – a new medium for the artist – are in part derived from Chowdhary's research into colonial period furniture and the hybridity and subtle code switching that occurred when British style and functionality was interpreted by Indian craftsmen. This ease of cultural use and misuse is employed throughout her work.

Cultural references acquired from art school education such as modernist serial modularity that regarded excessive ornament as a crime, are combined with Chowdhary's personal cultural references as a Tanzanian born Muslim who moved to England in 1970. Both influences are ever-present in a push-and-pull dialogue that finds a fluent sense of resolution without being programmatic.

The exhibition title acknowledges this duality by referring to the geological phenomenon of erratics – large rocks or boulders that have been displaced from their original context through glacial flows, while retaining their material integrity in a new alien context.

The exhibition has been initiated by PEER and is developed in partnership with MIMA, Middlesborough, where it will be shown in an expanded presentation in 2022.

Installation views


Lubna Chowdhary


Lubna Chowdhary – Erratics
Alberto Balazs



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