360: Chiara Passa

7 Oct 2021-13 Feb 2022
PV 7 Oct 2021, 6-9pm


A virtual reality painting, Still Life overlays image, object and landscape to generate a saturated panorama. Users explore Passa’s unique topography, which is set across two distinct worlds, by traversing various types of terrain, moving through and around structures, and interacting with ornate objects. Composed using photogrammetry – the process of interpreting physical material by measuring and recording photographic images – the fractured landscape consists of scanned features and scenes from the artist’s mother’s Italian home.

Through custom game play, users discover and interact with domestic items. Digitised kettles, vases and sugar canisters fracture into a series of spikes and sounds when they are picked up and shaken, revealing their photographically composed nature. By rendering these traditional objects into an expansive virtual scene, Still Life intersects the contemporary medium of immersive technology with traditional and historical art forms, further diluting the physical into a liminal sphere.


Chiara Passa

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