Exhibition (online)

BED curated by Richard Davey & David Leapman

4 Nov 2021–28 Nov 2021
PV 4 Nov 2021, 5-8pm


"Whether it’s a slightly scraped hollow in the ground or an elaborate four poster, a bed is the one piece of furniture that humans throughout history have possessed.

We are almost certain to have been born in a bed and many of us will die in one, and between those two events a bed is a place where all life unfolds. It is a place to sleep and dream, a place to read and daydream. It is a place to make love, or to hide under the covers - our safe space, where the monsters of childhood imaging cannot find us. But it can also be a sick bed, hospital bed, or our death bed.

This exhibition doesn’t see a bed as a piece of furniture, but as a metaphor for life in all its fullness".

Richard Davey 


Bed is curated by Richard Davey and David Leapman, and features works by Jenny Hager, Susie Hamilton, David Leapman and Lee Maelzer.

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David Leapman

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