9 Oct 2021–6 Feb 2022


Anathemata is a study in corporeal epic poetry within a triad of 20th century avant-garde artists, Antonin Artaud, Pierre Guyotat and David E. Jones whose narratives tell of war and desire, personal fragmentation and transcendence, disfiguration and cataclysmic incantation. Their work will be interlaced through a display of manuscripts, drawings, sound and video and presented in dialogue with works by contemporary artists such as Paul-Alexandre Islas and James Richards. The exhibition title is borrowed from David E. Jones’s eponymous poem published in 1952. Considered Jones’ seminal work, Anathemata narrates the thought processes of a cambrophile over the span of roughly seven seconds at an English Catholic Mass using old, middle and early modern English, Welsh, and Latin, moving freely between Iron Age Cornwall, Tudor London, Penda's Mercia or the Welsh "Otherworld".

Curated by Pierre-Alexandre Mateos and Charles Teyssou, a curatorial duo based in Paris, France.

Supported by Fluxus Arts Projects and The Moondance Foundation.

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