Figure it Out by The Neulinge Collective

16 Sep 2021–27 Sep 2021


18th September: Performance. Chudamani Clowes and her troop will migrate from Vauxhall Station at 12 noon to Lewisham Art house. To highlight global migration.

The Neulinge Collective consists of four South Asian artists from Pakistan, Srilanka and India who are alumni of the Royal College of Art and the University of Arts London and have come together to critique the status quo with work that reflect issues of inequity we face today. Their art speaks of a sense of responsibility for the future, the power of dialogue as a way of binding people together in a world that is fragmenting before our very eyes.
Marium confronts orientalist notions of the ‘oppressed’ woman in Pakistan with her monumental figure paintings while Chudamani reflects on individual achievement of immigrants contributing to the success of Britain. Divya’s work is inspired by a quote from an ancient Tamil text about compassion and links this to the idea of care. She finds similarities between the conditions of the current pandemic and the conditions of the plague pandemic in the early 1900s in India. Maryam’s jewel like mixed media works are reflections of her experiments with textiles and their new age iterations from automated jacquard designs to digital designs on screen.

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