Meaning behind Materiality | Gainsborough Hotel

4 Oct 2021–31 Dec 2021


Meaning Behind Materiality marks Cynthia Corbett Gallery’s fourth year of participation in London Craft Week, a festival celebrating outstanding British and international creativity. Located in the newly reopened Gainsborough Hotel (7-11 Queensberry Place, SW7 2DL , London, UK), the curation includes Gallery artists Matt Smith, Albert Montserrat and Klari Reis. Young Masters are represented by Amy Hughes, Amanda McCavour, Emilie Taylor and Elin Hughes, while Guest Artists are Freya Bramble-Carter, Rafaela de Ascanio and Tanya Gomez. The showcase offers a deep dive into the different forms of craft which include ceramics, textiles and mixed media: from Albert Montserrat’s vessels, brought to perfection to Elin Hughes’s deconstructed pots, from Tanya Gomez’s glacial tureens to Freya Bramble-Carter’s colourful nature- inspired vases, from Amy Hughes and Matt Smith’s revisitations of Alhambra vases and Rococo subject matters to Klari Reis’s studies in microbiology and experimentation with epoxy polymer, while Emilie Taylor and Rafaela de Ascanio look at their respective pots and spheres as mediums for expression of feministic ideas and messages. Finally, Amanda McCavour’s Poppies installation offers the viewers a walk- through an embroidery forest with a deep hidden meaning. 

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