Cecilia Byrne: Sensitive Chaos - An exhibition on water

28 Jul 2021–4 Sep 2021


Blue Mountain School is pleased to present an exhibition of ceramic water vessels by Cecilia Byrne.

‘Beginning from a very simple observation, water is a conductor, a sensitive transmitter of information. Considering that we are mostly made of water, what a wonderful tool in which case, to fine tune who we are. We in ourselves are vessels processing information constantly, blood passing through at a precise temperature, any deviations resulting in a counter balance to keep everything in order, information being processed continually, we rarely notice these small activities.’

—Cecilia Byrne

Utilising concepts such as sacred geometry and the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and Theodor Schwenk, Byrne has created a series of vessels that encompass the idea of returning water to its most pure, natural, and active state.

From restructuring the molecular makeup of water by inducing a vortex that reflects a natural mountain spring, through to using the Schumann resonance to effectively ground the water, Byrne’s vessels are a physical manifestation of sensitive chaos.

Alongside the exhibition, Blue Mountain School will host a video conversation between Cecilia Byrne and MJ Pangman. Pangman is the author of the book Dancing with Water, a blend of traditional sciences and spiritual wisdom that leads the way to a more complete understanding of water’s crystalline phase and its biological significance.

Cecilia Byrne is the founder of Endless Rhythm, a water community crafting unique hand-thrown, gravity-fed water filters to physically and spiritually enhance the water.

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