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Andy Holden's Collected Domestic Conceptualism ONLINE Guided Tour

2 Sep 2021 7-8pm


Online Guided Tour of Collected Domestic Conceptualism, a walk through of the virtual gallery with a live reading from the accompanying book
About this event
Every fortnight on a Thursday there will be a chance to experience a live walk through of Collected Domestic Conceptualism with the artist via Zoom.

This will include a chance to ask questions and discuss works and glean information behind the process.

Small groups will be given a personal tour of the online house by the artist, who will navigate them through the installation over Zoom.

The tour is an hour in total - the first half will be a tour by the artist remotely navigating the digital space and those booked on the tour are welcome to ask questions. The final part of the tour is a reading of the first part of the new book "Collected Domestic Conceptualism" using live motion capture.

Each tour lasts one hour 7-8pm.

Full dates are Thursday 7-8pm on August 19th, Sept 2nd, Sept 16th, Sept 30th, + Oct 7th.

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Andy Holden

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