Sofia Mitsola | Aquamarina: Crocodilian tears

2 Sep 2021–2 Oct 2021
PV 2 Sep 2021, 6-8pm


Pilar Corrias is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work by Sofia Mitsola, running 2 September – 2 October 2021.

The exhibition, titled Aquamarina: Crocodilian tears, is Mitsola’s second solo presentation with the gallery and will explore a myth written by the artist, following the adventures of warrior protagonists, sisters Aqua and Marina, in the semiaquatic world they inhabit. The exhibition will include new paintings and charcoal works.

Conceived firstly through drawings, Mitsola’s protagonists have developed across multiple media. Her figures are set on simple geometric backgrounds with intensely bright and gem-like colours painted in translucent and opaque layers. They are depicted naked and much larger than human scale. For this exhibition Mitsola has adopted a looser way of painting than in her previous work, using turpentine washes to imply her semiaquatic world, as well as opting either fiery or cooler tones to suggest the predatory nature of the protagonists.


Sofia Mitsola

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