The Stand Ins: Figurative painting from the Collection

7 Oct 2021–13 Feb 2022


As we step back into the physical and social world after an enforced period of separation, who are we, and how might we have changed? Who or what do we choose to present to others?

This group exhibition of figurative painting from the Zabludowicz Collection features artists from across different generations, including seminal figures and important new voices. The artists are linked by the deployment of autobiographical elements and a cast of characters to meditate on the act of painting and the construction of images and narrative. Rather than depicting exterior appearances, the artists brought together here mine interior psychological spaces. Formal experimentation in composition and the use of materials is bound up with the deconstruction of the body into parts: as hollow vessels, mask-like layers or a jumble of gestures. Sabotaging the idea of a singular self or fixed identity, this group of paintings look at bodies from the inside out.

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