The Rite of Summer

24 Aug 2021–21 Sep 2021
PV 24 Aug 2021, 7-9pm


The Rite of Summer is a group exhibition in a two-bedroom flat in Bermondsey, London where the hallway, living room, toilet, bathroom, kitchen and balcony – the everyday life – are intertwined with visions of a strange period, the new liveable. Five artists rant against alienation and a shit summer that never happened, yet lasted over twelve months and leaked from one year to another creating a warped distorted view of what used to be considered a seasonal recurring event.

Kehinde Bamiduro
Chan Karim-Bassik
Paweł Dziemian
Michał Kozłowski
송SONG (Song Gin Young)

Venue Location: Havisham House Projects, 12 Havisham House, London SE16 4UY

To see the exhibition, please book your appointment with Paweł Dziemian at



The Rite of Summer Press Release (PDF)

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