Cosmic Mothers

30 Sep 2021–18 Dec 2021
PV 30 Sep 2021, 6-9pm


On Thursday 30 September 2021, Mimosa House opens its second exhibition at its new location on Theobalds Road.

The exhibition title is inspired by the 1971 enigmatic painting ‘Cosmic Mother’ by the USSR artist Galina Konopatskaya. Cosmic Mother appears as an androgynous, ethnically ambiguous person holding a baby, both clad in astronaut suits and floating in outer space. The iconography of the work echoes the Orthodox icons of Madonna and Child, seen differently here from the icon’s with the traditional golden background. Instead, the figures here float in front of planet Earth.

Belonging to the state-encouraged Socialist Realism painterly tradition, the painting is a representation of the communist ideology based on atheism; the misleading propaganda of women’s emancipation; and the Cold War’s colonisation of space. What would happen if we chose to look at the image of Cosmic Mother through the empowering prism of cyberfeminism and queer science-fiction?

The Cosmic Mother image acts as the starting point for reflection on the formation of knowledge and ideology. Artists’ works in the show draw on cosmologies, science-fiction, esoteric practices and ancestral systems of knowledge and imagination that go beyond an officially approved scientific discourse. Including video, sound, painting and drawing, the exhibition examines the way alternative and radical knowledge across cultures and geographies acts as a tool to resist a dominant worldview.

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