Up for Grabs

2 Sep 2021–12 Sep 2021


Artists: Jonathan McCree, Bruce Ingram
Dancer: Jonathan Goddard
Designer: Joe Walkling 

Painting and performance, painting as performance and the performances of paintings.  UP FOR GRABS is an experimental research project that builds upon previous collaborations between artists Jonathan McCree and Bruce Ingram, dancer Jonathan Goddard and designer Joe Walkling. 

Playful and spontaneous, UP FOR GRABS will work with the unfixed and unpredictable outcomes offered up via collaborative exchanges between artist and audience. Research centres on the idea that we are never separate from that which we observe. We constantly negotiate and construct our experiences by being in and part of the world. By moving within the world we allow the world to move within us. By entwining the elements of dance, painting, sculpture and audience we hope to explore how each is indexed within the other. Each element exists within a reciprocal set of relationships; drawing as a choreographed gesture, performance as material form.   

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