Kathrin Böhm: COMPOST

16 Jun 2021–16 Oct 2021


Compost is a unique collaborative exhibition that explores twenty years of artist Kathrin Böhm's practice. A cumulation of objects and methodologies has filled the gallery space at The Showroom, opening up an invitation to contribute to a process of fertiliser-making: to sieve through, to assess, to archive, and to reformulate Böhm’s practice by making use of her methods of production, working one-to-one, collaboratively, and in public.

Kathrin has been working on-site at The Showroom daily throughout Compost; and in a synthesis of spatial, visual, social and economic processes, the collective act of composting has been organised around principles of usership, accessibility, and enacting modes of economic and cooperative sustainability; all guided by an urgent sense of discontinuing ‘business as usual’.

For Böhm, Compost in the form it takes at The Showroom has been in-the-making for many years, stemming from a deep desire to not just produce, but to process and to carefully consider what to do next: what to continue, what to leave behind, and the need for fundamental shifts grounded by an acknowledgment of our entangled interdependence.

Compost was closed to the public throughout August, reopening for a second phase between Wednesday 15 September – Saturday 16 October; opening up a space to start drawing out fertiliser for future use, whilst dissolving the materiality of the work through swapping, buying, giving, taking and trading; enacting possibilities of queering economies discussed in Icebergian Economies of Contemporary Art (The Centre for Plausible Economics).

There is a maximum capacity of ten visitors in the exhibition space at The Showroom at any one time. Booking via Eventbrite.

Visit the Compost website to tune in online via webcam during opening hours, from Wednesday-Saturday, 12-5pm.

A live programme of talks, workshops, and 1:1 drop-ins is being held at The Showroom and online. The programme is updated weekly on the website Designed by An Endlesss Supply, the site went live in tandem with the opening of Compost in June 2021.

Compost opened with a live online event on Tuesday 15 June, 4.30-6.30pm GMT, in partnership with PARSE Journal, Gothenburg for the interconnected launch of issue 13: On the Question of Exhibition. A recording is available to watch again online here.

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