Lars Fisk : Wattle & Daub

4 Feb 2020–14 Mar 2020


Marlborough is pleased to present the first UK solo exhibition by New York-based sculptor Lars Fisk. Presenting eight new works, the artist continues his exploration of the sphere as a formal device for reframing everyday objects. This startling transformation draws attention to his subjects’ design, construction, craftsmanship, as well as teasing out their symbolic meaning—especially as it relates to niche subcultures, vernacular craft obsessions and the unnoticed omnipresence of infrastructure. The natural environment (trees), revered architectural traditions (the wood and stucco method of the Tudor style that gives the show its title), drop-out subcultures and the attendant design of self-sufficiency (a traditional canal houseboat) are all explored along with more commercial expressions of appealing industrial design (a classic BMW sportscar), and even culturally loaded traditional modes of dress (hand-sewn Lederhosen).

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