Paul P. : Centaurs on the Beach

21 Mar-30 Aug 2020


Open by appointment: exhibition booking now available at To open the exhibition safely, we are offering 15 minute viewing slots. Please be aware that due to social distancing we can only allow 4 visitors at a time. Please arrive promptly so that you can enjoy your visit. --- The ongoing body of portraits that define much of Paul P.’s practice originate in the pages of erotic gay magazines produced in the years bracketed by the advent of gay liberation and the beginning of the AIDS crisis; a period of tenuous, provisional freedom. He takes the explicit materials of desire from recent queer history and uses them to consider broader historical representations of homosexual desire: a veiled language, springing from subtlety and innuendo in which beauty, often in the guise of mythological creatures and gods, found safe passage in eras of criminalisation. From their original position in time the portraits look back to the transient wellsprings of queer aesthetics, and forward to future liberties and tragedies, wherein aesthetic energy loses and regains its unruly value.

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