Zoe Williams: Sunday Fantasy

25 May 2019–27 Jul 2019


For her first solo exhibition in London, Zoe Williams transforms Mimosa House into a liminal bedroom-like environment which acts as the backdrop for her new film commission ‘Sunday Fantasy’. Incorporating elements from the set of the film, drawing and new ceramic works, as well as cakes designed by the artist to taste, the exhibition focuses on exploring and challenging ideas of fantasy, glamour and role play in relation to sexuality. The project continues the artist’s interest in using a recurrent visual language to implement an irreverent interchange between aspects of eroticism, craft, hedonism and the histories and materialities of artefacts. Generously supported by Arts Council England, GIRLPOWER Collection, Chakrubs, Davydov Bespoke, Mayfair Art Weekend, Forest Recycling Project and Barefoot

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