Unit 0: Sara K Akinwale

13 Oct 2018–4 Nov 2018


"Colours and forms, threads and material, patterns and structures, all these remind us of feelings and memories. For me the material and handicraft is as important as the thought and idea. I like textile, I like drawing and I like handicraft. I have always seen myself as a painter. In my work I find ways to combine various materials and techniques, to build pictures. The images becomes a mix between the abstract and figurative. I am trying to illustrate relationships, how a body/shape/ form, an organic object can exist in a room or space, how the abstract patterns and colours can become something organic or human like, or represent the feeling in a body. The feelings I work around are belonging, solitariness and desire, as much in the material as in the idea. I keep on testing and continue asking myself, what is a painting, what is a drawing and what is a sculpture?" Sara K Akinwale, September 2018.

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