Shimmering Horizons

15 Jan 2021–14 Jan 2022


A Virtual Group Exhibition by Or Gallery, Vancouver (Canada) and Canada House, London Artists: Asinnajaq, Meagan Musseau, Marina Roy, Tania Willard, Elizabeth Zvonar Curated by Laurie White Shimmering Horizons brings together works by five Canadian artists that offer visions of future life-ways on Earth. The exhibition puts the idea of shimmer―a concept described by writer and anthropologist Deborah Bird Rose as the aesthetic experience of ecological complexity and ancestral power―into productive alignment with the image of the horizon, a potent metaphor for the future. In these works, horizons shimmer both literally and figuratively: the glimmer of stars and the aurora borealis make palpable the potency of ancestral and ecological inheritance—the future enfolded by the past. Through a range of media, including basketry, video, painting, and digital collage, the artists in Shimmering Horizons offer alternative visions of the future that prioritize continuity, adaptation, and resilience.

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