GIANNI COLOMBO : The Body and the Space 1959-1980

2 Oct 2015–20 Nov 2015


• First solo UK exhibition • Curated by Francesca Pola and Marco Scotini • Organised in cooperation with the Archivio Gianni Colombo • Featuring 30 pieces by Gianni Colombo • First international exhibition of seminal environment Topoestesia – tre zone contigue (itinerario programmato) [Topoesthesia – three contiguous zones (programmed itinerary)], 1965-1970 Curated by Francesca Pola and Marco Scotini, the show will celebrate the work of Colombo during the1960s and 1970s: the first two crucial creative decades of his activity, which saw his affirmation as one of the pioneers of contemporary environmental practices and installations.

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