Sarah Lucas : HONEY PIE

16 Mar 2020–31 May 2020


View the exhibition walkthrough online: Sadie Coles HQ presents HONEY PIE, an exhibition by Sarah Lucas featuring new sculptures extending her long-term Bunny series into dynamic and exuberant new forms. First conceived in 1997, Lucas’s Bunny sculptures are rendered from stuffed tights, stockings and shoes to evoke female nudes reclining on chairs in states of abandon and vulnerability. Her latest sculptures both revitalise and unravel this formula – using an array of domestic furniture and flamboyant footwear to embolden the more complicated contortions that the figures assume. Bright colours applied to the limbs give the ensemble the appearance of a surrealist, exotic and comedic chorus line – one that is more confident, combative and individualistic than the Bunny sculptures of the ‘90s. Lucas’s biomorphic characters channel the themes that have defined her career, from the anthropomorphic potential of found objects to the eroticisation of the female body.

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