Jennifer Taylor : THE DEATH OF VENUS

3 Feb 2016–1 Jan 2000


Jennifer Taylor's work explores ideas relating to a loss of control, malfunction, crisis and breaking points. In her new performance piece for TJ Boulting, she will enact a number of absurd scenarios with her ludicrously over-sized black balloons. Like unsophisticated sci-fi props, these cumbersome spheres fill the space with a brooding sense of anxiety, as they ominously hover at the point of bursting. As they morph themselves onto her body, like some loathsome, abominable parasites, we are reminded of the Apocephalus borealis flies that lay their eggs inside the bodies of bees. It is as though she has been somehow brought under their control and forced to act as their host, as they endlessly seem to utilise her for their own unsavoury entertainments.

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