Nick Waplington

1 Feb 2017–4 Mar 2017


THE SEARCH FOR A SUPERIOR MORAL JUSTIFICATION FOR SELFISHNESS. TJ Boulting is delighted to invite you to the gallery's first solo show with Nick Waplington. For the past three decades he has forged his career primarily as a photographer, yet in recent years he has steadily dedicated a large part of his practice to painting and drawing. Now living in Los Angeles, these new paintings are very much about the psycho-geography of the city, the streets, the chaos, the light and the social contrasts and conflicts, and in particular spending hours painting in his outside studio. His influences have always stemmed from many things: his surroundings, online porn, the Internet, music, political chaos and the contradictions of everyday life. They are all very much of the present, the here and now. As he says: "I am seeking and searching constantly. People ask me what I find interesting, and the answer is everything."

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