GREICE ANTES : Vinho Mancha

17 Sep 2012–6 Oct 2012


Born in Brazil, where she lives after some time in London, Greice Antes knows fashion goes beyond clothes. Her work revolves around all that fascinates her in her continuous experimental process. Greice shot with a .38 mm gun at her garments, worked with artist Guilherme Dable to shadow print music on cloth, spent 9 months inside museum Iberê Camargo Foundation, using engraving techniques to print on her fabrics and had artist/tatooist Beto70 create imagery for clothes. On the 14th of June, this year at Terroir Aurora, in the province of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, ‘Vinho mancha?' took place. Bales of silk fabric and dresses were subjected to splatters of red wine by Greice with the participation of the audience. Documentation of the performance is being shown at Belmacz Gallery from the 17th of September to the 6th of October.

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