Benedict Drew: GLISS

20 Apr 2012–27 May 2012


Benedict Drew works across video, performance, sound and other media. His work uses the apparatus of film, video and music to test and reflect upon the relationships we have with technology and its oscillation between the exalted and the commonplace, between desire and redundancy. His recent publication ‘How I Failed To Make Man’ 2011 reduces man to the four main elements; water, air, carbon and calcium. This step by step visual account documents the artist's futile attempt to implant the living into the inorganic. Drew's immersive and visceral installations go further to provoke human sensory and cognitive responses as sound and image induce sensory powers of calm and well being. Sculptures and machines take on, sometimes friendly, anthropomorphic characteristics and the amalgamation of unlikely material combinations such as clay, and other ephemera are fused with the electrical pulse of computer technology to catalyse and transform the obsolete nature of analog media.

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