Adham Faramawy

17 Jan 2014–23 Feb 2014


Across a landscape of high definition flat screens and sculptural wall and floor works, bodies flex, exhale, and exfoliate to the sedative tone of synthesized audio. Manipulated digitally where tactile surface interplays between liquid planes Faramawy shoots staged live performers using his smart phone, a device, which is fully connected to today’s syndrome of immediacy. Interested in erasing the boundaries of production and presentation the artist accelerates the speed at which live footage can meet the digital computer screen allowing it to be mediated by the mechanisms of the more familiar filter through which we visualize and conceptualise. Routines of banal choreographed workouts and rejuvenating skin treatments are played out, one on one and up close to the computer screen, performers often-urban lycra clad or waxed and polished naked. Carefully staged where human exchange can be computer-mediated, these subjects carry with them the isolated remoteness of the online experience.

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